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  Our Story

The philosophy of Sofreh Design is to fulfill every essence of your event, which will be the ambience of your celebration. You can be assured of the personalized attention and highest level of dedication to the success of your special event or wedding. With Sofreh Design services, you will be able to capture every moment. Your vision will come to life and tell a story while you relax and watch the unforgettable creative touches unfold. The approach used is to simply apply custom designed concepts to capture all of your desires, and offer you a variety of selection. With Sofreh Design you receive innovative, unique design, and high-end customer service which makes the company superior. The designs are vibrant and full of thought and consideration. Simply stated, the heart and soul is put into every creation that derives from your every vision.

Sofreh Design’s goal is to provide excellence in its service and the foundation is built on mutual trust, passion and enthusiasm for the events created. Your vision is seamlessly turned into a wonderful reality, capturing and evoking your personal touch from beginning to end. Sofreh Design creates events that are original, with simplicity, harmony, balance, and elegance, leaving you with a magical everlasting memory.


Whether it’s by planning and customizing your next event, providing you with high-end designs, or adding personalized touches on your sofreh for your upcoming wedding, it is my pleasure to serve you. I am passionate about making your event one thing - “truly yours”. My experience with events and weddings will give you the confidence of knowing your affair will be a success. I walk along with you during every step of the way from concept through execution, and my involvement shall be to the extent that you feel needed. I use your ideas combined with my professional experience to make your special day everything that you have ever imagined.

My emphasis is to provide the highest quality of designs possible. With Sofreh Design you can trust that there are no creative boundaries. I possess the capability to develop concepts through a broad range of cultures and backgrounds, create a mood, and fulfill your vision of the perfect event.



Nazanin is a true Persian soul with the keen eye for perfection. Her extensive background in technology and her detailed skills is imperative to ensuring that your event, wedding, or sofreh design is provided with high-end dimensional elements and design. Her desire and enthusiasm for this business and her love for culture is what dedicates her to Sofreh Design. Her passion for perfection, thoughts, and ideas will reflect each and every event’s personality and ensure that every detail ends with perfection. Her friendly approach and can-do attitude is exactly what you need in order to know that everything is being taken care of. You can enjoy and simply relax and smell the roses during your event planning.